Withrop Wadska
Age 14-15
Job Student at Del Toro High School, Inventor
Family & Friends
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Wadska
Siblings Jeena
Friends  :
Enemies  :
Dick Nudel
Love Interest  :
Mila Kunis
First appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Tony Hale

Winthorp Augilera Wadska is played by Tony Hale on Good Vibes. He's the "third wheel" to Mondo and Woodie's group, as well as the brother to Jeena.

Official description

Wadska: perverted, strange, maniacal, overly-medicated, internet genius, psycho geek? Or deeply sensitive, caring friend and brother to Jeena? Answer: Yes.


  • Wadska has an extensive collection of t-shirts.
  • In "Don't Blow Your Wadska", in his room, you can find he uses a website called "4CHAN," /b/Tard is seen hanging on his wall and pedobear is seen sitting down by a dresser. /b/ is a forum on 4chan and pedobear is a bear noted as a pedophile.