Virgin Hangover
Mondo, Woodie, and Wadska take a road trip to find a wild party, but instead come across a slew of nude senior citizens.

Season: 1 Episode: 10
Total Episode Count: 10
Prod. no.: 111
First Aired: December 22th, 2011

Featuring: Wadska, Mondo, Woodie
Also Appearing: Turk, Jeena, HJ & BJ, Lonnie, Casa, Ms. Teets, Principal Gurniel, Jeena, Babs, Sigorney & Debbie, Wanda, Keesha & Platinum
Director: Greg Franklin

Writers: George Smith
Storyboarders: Abe Audish, Frank Macchia, Miguel Puga

Rancho Nudero

On the advice of Wadska, Mondo, Woodie, and Wadska take a road trip to find a wild party at Rancho Nudero. Jeena is pleased to let them go but insists that Mondo makes sure that Wadska takes his medications and is back by 8pm for the family portrait where she notes that he never smiles. Right after they hit the road, Wadska tosses his pills but Woodie tells Mondo not to worry.


As they get close, they find themselves in a section of the beach inhabited by nude senior citizens. Wadska decides to set up a hustle at horseshoes while a woman points them in the right direction where the correct party is located. On arriving, Mondo and Woody meet Sigorney & Debbie, two naked girls who tells they boys they are horny.


As Babs helps Jeena pet a new hairstyle for the family portrait, Sigorney gives Mondo a spiked drink and he loses his inhibitions and clothes and insists that Woodie do the same and soon everyone tosses their clothes into the bonfire. Wadska continues to work scams among the crowd, but the police arrive and Mondo tells them off. The senor citizens from the other section of the beach arrive because of Wadska's scams and in the ensuing melee Mondo and Woodie lose track of Wadska and are arrested.


A pimp in jail fools the boys into helping him escape from jail with them. Desperate for clothes, the boys sign up for the army by giving fake names but tell the recruiter to call them by their nickname "Turk". As Jeena continues to worry, they begin tracing Wadska's whereabouts. they locate him at a pizza place where he has hooked up with an African-American girl named Wanda who found him curled up in a recycling bin but luckily takes the same medications and was able to straighten him out.


Wadska invites the boys in to join him and Wanda as well as Wanda's two sisters Keesha & Platinum for a party at the pizza shop. Mondo insists there isn't time as Wadska kisses Wanda one last time before he is taken to the family portrait. With the help of the escaped pimp who jacked a car, the boys get Wadska to the portrait on time and for the first time actually smiles for the picture. The next day, Jeena thanks Mondo for managing to come through while the army recruiter takes Turk into custody for failing to show up for training.

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