Tiki Tako is a Polynesian bar located in Playa Del Toro next door to the No Winners Strip Club and owned by Tang. Babs is hired there in the pilot after moving to California on the promise of a bank job only to find the bank had been purchased and closed. After impressing Tang with her skills as a waitress, Tang convinces Babs to to come work for her. Bar regular Smilin' Mike is frequently seen.

The bar has an open mic in "Floatopia" although Tang regrets it after Ms. Teets sings.

In "Don't Blow Your Wadska", Babs and Ms. Teets have a girls night out at Tiki Tako while on a man hunt. Babs tricks an unsuspecting guy into coming back with them and then ditches him with Ms. Teats.

Del Toro's resident stoner Lonnie is seen owrking as a busboy in "Virgin Hangover".