The Grass is Always Greener
Mondo escorts Milan to her Sweet 16 and gets a little too comfortable in her wealthy world.

Season: 1 Episode: 07
Total Episode Count: 07
Prod. no.: 107
First Aired: December 8th, 2011

Guest Starring: Andrew Daly
Featuring: Milan, Mondo, Woodie
Also Appearing: Mr. & Mrs. Stone, Turk, Babs, HJ & BJ, Lonnie, Casa, Dee-Dee, Ms. Teets, Wadska, Dick Nudel, Oliver, Jeena, Bumi, Giselle, Palar, Gordon Ramsay, John Mayer, Ryan Cabrera, Shaun White
Director: Ira Sherak, Brock Gallagher

Writers: Becca Greene
Storyboarders: Stuart Livingston, Dan O'Connor, Aaron Paetz


When Milan holds a contest between John Mayer, Ryan Cabrera and Shaun White for a guest date on her Sweet 16 show party, Mondo tries to get closer to the action and accidentally crashes the contest. Milan retorts that she'd go down on every guy in school if she'd date Mondo and the school overwhelmingly votes Mondo as her date to Woodie's horror. Milan complains to her agent but is told that Mondo is actually a star at the moment.


Woodie tries to redirect Mondo's attention back to Jeena but Mondo thinks she's too preoccupied with Turk. Prior to their big day, Milan arrives with a truck full of money for the school although less popular students receive restraining orders restricting their access to Milan. Wadska receives one of the restraining orders and declares war.


Meeting with Woodie at his shack on his parents estate, Mondo is surprised that he doesn't live in the mansion with the rest of the family and Woodie tells him it gives him the heebie-jeebies. Milan escorts Mondo through her house on her show prior to the party and as soon as it is over shows him the door. Woodie is ready to hit the surf but his father Brock insists on giving Mondo a more through tour and Mondo blows off surfing with Woodie for a better look around.


Spoiled by the luxury, Mondo gets a little too comfortable in her wealthy world and snaps at his mother when he returns for being poor. At school, Wadska tries to bring Mondo in on his revenge plan but Mondo blows him off. Woodie tries again to point out the bad effect that the family's money has had but Mondo also ignores this advice.


At the party, Mondo finds himself ignored by Milan, discovers Wadska skulking around and placing timers all over, Mr. Stone cuddling with a housekeeper in Woodie's shack and Mrs. Stone snorting powder in the kitchen. Woodie meanwhile meets Babs outside of Tiki Tako after a late shift and she invites him back to the house for movies.


Woodie tries to sort out his feelings and admits he can't hit on his friend's mother. Babs is amused by his misreading her invitation and promises to restrain herself. When receiving gifts from the family, Milan acts like a spoiled brat and Mondo finally has enough, pointing out how the money has ruined the family and breaks up with her on national television.


Jeena pulls him out of the way to safety as security closes in and tosses him into a golf cart driven by Wadska who sets off his small bombs and booby traps. Milan is knocked into the pool where she discovers part of Mondo's gift was a photograph of her and and the family at the beach before they were rich. She tears up before she realizes she is on camera and knocks the camera out. Back home, Mondo apologizes to his mom and Woodie. Babs tickles the boys, giving Woodie a woody and sends him running.

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