Tech Rehab
The kids' parents get frustrated with the younger generation's dependence on technology, so they send the gang on a wilderness trip with a former tech addict, which goes horribly wrong.

Season: 1 Episode: 03
Total Episode Count: 03
Prod. no.: 105
First Aired: November 10th, 2011

Guest Starring: Dana Carvey
Featuring: Mondo, Woodie, Jeena, Turk, Milan, Wadska
Also Appearing: Babs, HJ & BJ, Lonnie, Ronnie, Casa, Ms. Teets, Claw Jones, Tommy, Smilin' Mike, Chester, Mr. & Mrs. Stone, Mr. & Mrs. Wadska, Principal Gurniel
Director: Tyree Dillihay

Writers: Josh Silberman, Jon Silberman
Storyboarders: John Fountain, George Kaprielian, Mauricio Pardo. Tyree Dillihay


The kids' teachers get frustrated with the younger generation's dependence on technology, so they convince the parents to send the gang on a wilderness trip with former tech addict Claw Jones in order to reduce their addiction to technology. Needless to say the prospect doesn't go over well as Mondo recalls his days in the scouts when his mom was responsible for his success although he is swayed by the thought of some cuddling time in the wilderness with Jeena. On the way to the isolated Cachondo Island, Jeena and Milan snipe over Turk while Wadska spreads doom and gloom. Back home, the parents meet at Babs' place. However, the party is dull until Ms. Teets arrives with booze.


After leading the kids deep into the woods, Claw tells of how to survive in the wilderness and his backstory. While walking after more marshmallows for smores, Claw slips on one and hits his head on a rock. After Wadska declares him dead and Turk confirms this, Mondo and Jeena are all for a proper burial but Milan kicks him into a nearby stream. As Claw's body floats away, they hear the sound of a ringing cell phone coming from Claw's pocket and realize they just lost their only means of communication. as they watch, claws body is swept over a waterfall and gone. Mondo advocates staying together by the campfire but a sudden storm extinguishes the fire and causes a mudslide, breaking up the group.


As the parents go from trying to figure out the technology that has their kids hooked to reverting to their own teenage selves, Wadska spears a tarantula behind Woodie and hints that Woodie might be the main course. Milan and Jeena continue their fight over Turk until they are interrupted by a boar. Mondo is stuck with Turk but gets tired of his insults and starts to leave. Turk admits he is afraid and convinces Mondo to stay with him. Wadska offer Woodie a bite of the tarantula for sustenance, but when a snake bits him on the though has to have Woodie suck out the poison. as the boar corners Jeena, Milan shows a technique for subduing the boar learned from when she had a pet pot-bellied pig. Unable to start a fire, Turk convinces Mondo they should sleep together to keep warm and the other pairs also likewise team up to keep warm, including Jeena and Milan with their now subdued boar.


The next morning, Mondo hears the sounds of a boat and tries to light a signal fire. He doesn't have luck and Turk insults him before backing off. Mondo realizes that the insults are giving him an extra bit of strength and urges Turk to continue. They get the fire going and it attracts the others as well as the ship sent to retrieve them. The parents wake up after their own night of debauchery and suddenly realize they have to meet the kids.


On the boat, the kids try to figure out how to explain the disappearance of Claw when he suddenly appears and explains that faking his own death was his standard technique but admits that being kicked down a mountainside into a stream and over a waterfall was unexpected. As Woodie points out his shattered femur sticking though his leg, Claw passes out. On the dock, the parents collect the kids and present them with new electronic games. Babs admits that maybe the games are better than the ways they used to spend their days and sends Mondo to play at Woodie's while she cleans up. On her way to her own apartment, Ms. Teets spots a bottle of booze but falls over trying to reach it and curses her life.