Surf Legend
Woodie loses his confidence.

Season: 1 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 11
Prod. no.: 109
First Aired: December 29th, 2011

Featuring: Mondo, Woodie, Duke Lopez
Also Appearing: Turk, Wadska, Jeena, Milan, HJ & BJ, Casa, Lonnie, Mr. Stone, Babs, Ms. Teets, Foghat, Tang, Smilin' Mike, Chester, Poseidon, Bruce, Dr. Dewche, Dr. Vijay, Cooter the Clam, Tommy Lee, Snooki
Director: Brock Gallagher

Writers: Christian Lander
Storyboarders: Brad Ableson, John Fountain, George Kaprielian


When Mondo complains about the lack of surf action, Woodie suggests he rubs the crotch of the statue of Del Toro's good luck charm, Duke Lopez and tells the story of how Duke became the patron taint of Del Toro.

At a surfing competition, Woodie wipes out and loses his confidence. While Mondo, Wadska and Woodie relax with Lonnie, he puts his head to the sand and warns them that the legendary "Dongabunga" wave is coming. In order to get his stoke back, Mondo talks him into surfing the dangerous "Dongabunga," but needs to enlist the help of legendary big-wave surfer Duke Lopez. Woodie is unaware of his location, but Wadska tracks him down on his computer to Rape County.


Tracking down Duke running a surfing ride for kids, they discover that when he turned pro, he left behind his true love Ms. Teets and gave up surfing when she refused to take him back. Duke expresses no interest in helping Woodie out until he spots him riding his surf machine and realizes he has talent. Mondo promises to help him with Ms. Teets if he'll help Woodie get his stoke back and they agree on it.


Thinking that he needs to practice, Woodie is ready to hit the surf but Duke tells him he needs to guild up his confidence instead. Through a dangerous series of exercises, Woodie hesitantly agrees to surf but as a final gift, Duke gives Woodie his lucky swim briefs before setting off to meet Ms. Teets. Tricking Ms. Teets by telling her there will be a hot dog eating contest at the pier, she is surprised but pleased to see him and takes him back to her place.


The next morning as the Dongabunga approaches, Mondo and Woodie find Duke and Ms. Teets still in bed together. Duke sends them down to the beach and Woodie expresses his confidence thanks to the help of the lucky briefs but Turk rides by and snatches them to take their luck for himself. Feeling down, Woodie is reluctant to surf but Duke admits the shorts were a fake to help him gain his confidence and assures him he has all he needs to surf. Duke claims that his real lucky charm was Ms. Teets ad Mondo is Woodie's luck.


As the Dongabunga approaches, Turk joins Woodie in the surf but as the wave grows bigger and bigger, Turk bails and runs in panic, leaving Woodie to successfully surf the Dongabunga. Duke is ready to settle down with Ms. Teets but she claims he isn't enough for her but promises to call when she wants some of him. Mondo and Woodie offer their condolences but Duke departs pleased with what he has accomplished. In tribute to Woodie's ride, Mondo plants a wig resembling Woodie's hairstyle on the statue of Duke only to find a street performer imitating the statue has taken it.


Meanwhile, when Milan gets sick and notes her breasts have swollen Jeena hints she might be pregnant and suggests a pregnancy test which Milan doesn't look forward to. As Jeena and Milan shop for a pregnancy tester, Jeena is surprised that Milan brought her along instead of her two friends HJ & BJ. Milan admits that they tend to talk too much. Milan's test turns out positive and they make an appointment to see her own Dr. Vijay.


Milan's pregnancy scare turns out to be a false alarm brought on by appetite suppressants. Relieved at not being pregnant, Milan starts to bond and share a memory with Jeena but when they bump into HJ & BJ, Milan quickly turns on Jeena to cover up her reason for visiting the doctor and claims Jeena got an abortion. As Woodie surfs the Dongabunga, HJ & BJ continue to give Jeena grief until Milan calls them off as a favor to Jeena.