Rancho Nudero

Rancho Nudero is a nude beach and site of a wild party that Wadska talks Mondo and Woodie into going to.

In "Virgin Hangover", they find themselves in a section of the beach inhabited by nude senior citizens. Wadska decides to set up a hustle at horseshoes while a woman points them in the right direction where the correct party is located. On arriving, Mondo and Woody meet Sigorney & Debbie, two naked girls who tells they boys they are horny. Sigorney gives Mondo a spiked drink and he loses his inhibitions and clothes and insists that Woodie do the same and soon everyone tosses their clothes into the bonfire. Wadska continues to work scams among the crowd, but the police arrive and Mondo tells them off. The senor citizens from the other section of the beach arrive because of Wadska's scams and in the ensuing melee Mondo and Woodie lose track of Wadska and are arrested.