Mondo with his "Dick Board"

Jersey boy Mondo moves to a laid-back Southern California beach town.

Season: 1 Episode: 01
Total Episode Count: 01
Prod. no.: 101
First Aired: October 27th, 2011

Featuring: Mondo, Woodie, Babs
Also Appearing: Jeena, Turk, Wadska, Milan, HJ & BJ, Tang, Lonnie, Foghat, Casa, Chester, Ms. Teets, Smilin' Mike, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton
Director: Chris Martin

Writers: David Gordon Green, Tom Brady, Christian Lander
Storyboarders: John Fountain, George Kaprielian, Mauricio Pardo


Babs Brando is a single mother from Jew Jersey that moves to Playa Del Toro to start a new life for her and her son, Mondo. Mondo is unhappy at the move given that his body shape doesn't fit in with the Southern California lifestyle. While Babs is showering, fifteen-year-old Woodie spies her through the skylight while retrieving his frisbee and falls through the ceiling. After finding out that the kids are the same age, Babs talks Woodie into showing Mondo around and Woodie agree in order to be near to Babs as well. Mondo finds out that Woodie is completely focused on the surf lifestyle and is ok, but when Woodie teaches him how to get glimpse of boobs on the beach, their friendship is sealed. Woodie shows him around the town and Mondo spots Jeena and is immediately smitten. However, when he tries to introduce himself he clumsily trips.


Babs discovers the bank job she was promised has disappeared when the bank is suddenly closed. The former bank manager sends her to an accountant to try for a job. Back at the beach, Mondo spots local tough guy Turk and his crew and Woodie advises him to keep a low profile. Spotting Jeena again, Mondo tries to impress her with his boogie board but wipes out before even hitting the water and causing a disaster. The next morning, Woodie takes him to his first day at Playa Del Toro High School. Mondo is impressed when he spots television star Milan Stone and is shocked to find out she is Woodie's sister. In class, Mondo spots Jeena and tries to introduce himself again, becoming tongue-tied in the process and discovers that Jeena is Turk's girlfriend. Jeena manages to stop Turk from punching Mondo although Turk's friend Casa gives Mondo a wedgie. Ms. Teets, the sex-education teacher arrives and exchanges words with the class junior psychopath Wadska who turns out to be Jeena's brother who is kept on medication.


With his boogie board broken, Woodie takes Mondo out shopping for a new surfboard. Mondo spots a longboard with a hot dog on it that he falls in love with but the the price is too steep and he settles on a plainer bargain board. Leaving the shop, Turk grabs his board and paints it to resemble a penis. At the accounting firm, Babs fails to impress with her long waitressing resume and doesn't get hired. Having never surfed before, Mondo embarrasses himself on the water and when he causes Turk to wipe out, Turk bans him and Woodie from the beach. Mondo stands up to Turk and s offered a chance to surf the beach if he survives a run though Baby Beach, a area of jagged rocks and killer waves. To top if off, Turk breaks Mondo's surf board. While planning the run through baby Beach, Wadska offers to help and shows them a course through the rocks. Still nervous, Wadska and Woodie take Mondo to local stoner Lonnie to chill out in his van.


Tired from job hunting, Babs stops by the Tiki Tako Polynesian bar and impresses the owner Tang with her waitress skills. Tang offers her a job and she accepts when she spots her son laughing with his new friends. At Baby Beach, Mondo starts to have second thoughts about surfing and tries to leave only to find his way blocked by the town's teens. Mondo tries to talk his way out because of Turk breaking his board but Woodie arrives with the hot dog board that Mondo wanted and offers it as a gift of their friendship. Touched by the gift but still annoyed with the timing, Mondo hits the beach in one last attempt to impress Jeena.


As he paddles out, a rogue wave hits and Mondo makes an impressive showing of riding the pipeline, but still wipes out on the rocks. Coming to after Lonnie gives him mouth-to-mouth and an extended fantasy of Jeena, Turk admits he was still impressed with the ride and unbans him from the beach at the insistence of Jeena. Back home, Woodie crashes though the bathroom ceiling at dinner time and Babs offers to fix him a plate. Later in the evening on the beach, Mondo admits he is beginning to like California. Spotting a pair of girls about to reattach their tops, Woodie prepares to get another quick glimpse of nipple when Mondo teaches him a trick from New Jersey of throwing seaweed to scare them and make them drop their tops completely.

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