Mondo Mia
Mondo, desperate to find his father, hacks his mom's Facebook account with the help of Woodie and Wadska and invites three of his potential dads to Babs' birthday party.

Season: 1 Episode: 09
Total Episode Count: 09
Prod. no.: 108
First Aired: December 15th, 2011

Guest Starring: Dax Shephard, Andrew Daly
Featuring: Babs, Mondo, Woodie
Also Appearing: Turk, Jeena, HJ & BJ, Lonnie, Foghat, Casa, Ms. Teets, Tang, Wadska, Principal Gurniel, Chester, Milan, Dee-Dee, Smilin' Mike, Mr. & Mrs. Wadska, Mr. & Mrs. Stone, Jon Gosselin, Jay and Silent Bob, Bill Clinton, Meg Griffin, Claw Jones, Nicos Petros, Jag Knullerbröd, Lord Clive Goodspeed
Musical Numbers: King of the Ocean, Fatherless Son, Not the New Girl, Talkin' 'Bout Babs, Little Bastard, Mondo Mia

Director: Greg Franklin

Writers: Jacob Young
Storyboarders: Abe Audish, Miguel Puga, Joseph Scott


When Ms. Teets catches Mondo off-guard, he admits he doesn't know who his father is and the thought sends him into a funk. Meanwhile, Babs worries about getting older and losing her way with men. Ms. Teets shows her about Facebook but she is turned off by the fact that it lists every horny creep she ever dated.


Desperate to find his father, Mondo has Wadska hack his mom's Facebook account with the help of Woodie and deduces that the candidate for Mondo's dad comes down to three men and a cartoon duck that were near her while she was at Disney World. As Babs continues to mope, Jeena suggests a big party to perk her up.


Discounting the duck, Mondo's candidates for his dad are Greek yachting enthusiast Nicos Petros, up and coming Swedish rock star Jag Knullerbröd and wealthy Englishman Lord Clive Goodspeed. While Mondo fantasizes about his potential life with his three fathers, he still has to decide how to determine which one is the real dad. Wadska suggests they invite the three to Babs' birthday party with the promise of sex in order to investigate further.


When Mondo tries to determine how to figure out which of the guys is his real father, Wadska breaks out his CSI Junior Detective kit complete with David Caruso sunglasses and says they'll get DNA samples from each of the potential poppas. After acquiring the samples and while waiting for the results, Babs arrives at the party. Seeing her former beaus, she quickly figures out that it is some sort of stunt by Mondo and demands an explanation.


Mondo tells the whole story and asks her to tell which one is the real father. Babs reports that none of them are and Nicos explains that he isn't a yachtsman, he just steals boats and runs drugs. Jag is the sole member of an ABBA tribute band and while Goodspeed concedes that he is even richer than Mondo imagines, claims he isn't Mondo's father either. Babs admits she never slept with any of them but just before she can pull Mondo aside to explain Wadka arrives with the DNA results and the data points to him as Mondo's father.


Disregarding the logic that he contaminated the results, he believes himself to be a time traveler. In private, Babs explains that Mondo's dad observed some mob behavior that he shouldn't and disappeared to protect his life while Babs headed to safety in Disney World and returned after the summer to give birth to Mondo. Despite believing the plan to be dumb, Babs admits it perked her up to know that guys would still travel around the world for her.

As the party continues, a mysterious figure in a limousine that looks and acts like Mondo observes the party from the outside of the Tiki Tako before leaving.