Milan Stone
Age 16
Hometown Playa Del Toro, CA
Job  :
Actress: 16 and Bitchy
Student, Del Toro High School
Family & Friends
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Stone
Siblings  :
Woodie Stone
Bumi (adopted step-sister)
Friends  :
HJ & BJ Kuntz
Enemies  :
Love Interest  :
Turk (former boyfriend)
First appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Kari Wahlgren

Milan Stone, voiced by Kari Wahlgren, is a character on Good Vibes. Her parents are Mr. & Mrs. Stone and her brother is Woodie. They also have an adopted step-sister from Africa named Bumi.

Official description

Star of MTV's "16 and Bitchy", and "100 Reasons Not To Have Kids", Milan Stone is the ultimate mean girl. Plastic from her super hot head-to-toe, Milan revels in tormenting her fellow classmate, including her own brother, Woodie. Milan is always shadowed by the equally bitchy Kuntz sisters, HJ & BJ.


Milan has blonde hair, and is naturally like her brothers, but she does something to it. She has brown eyes and always wears lavender eyeshadow. She has very small boobs, but she gets giant implants. She is also very skinny.

On the show