Lord Clive

Lord Clive Goodspeed is one of three potential fathers when Mondo tries to discover who is father is in "Mondo Mia".

After hacking his mother Babs' Facebook page in order to determine who his real father is, Mondo comes up with profiles for Greek yachting enthusiast Nicos Petros, up and coming Swedish rock star Jag Knullerbröd and wealthy Englishman Lord Clive Goodspeed. While Mondo fantasizes about his potential life with his three fathers, he still has to decide how to determine which one is the real dad. Wadska suggests they invite the three to Babs' birthday party with the promise of sex in order to investigate further.

When Mondo tries to determine how to figure out which of the guys is his real father, Wadska breaks out his CSI Junior Detective kit complete with David Caruso sunglasses and says they'll get DNA samples from each of the potential poppas. After acquiring the samples and while waiting for the results, Babs arrives at the party. Seeing her former beaus, she quickly figures out that it is some sort of stunt by Mondo and demands an explanation. Mondo tells the whole story and asks her to tell which one is the real father. Babs reports that none of them are and unlike the other potential fathers, Goodspeed concedes that he is even richer than Mondo imagines but claims he isn't Mondo's father.

Lord Clive Goodspeed is voiced by Andrew Daly.