Age Unknown
Hometown Playa Del Toro, California
Job Busboy at the Tiki Tako, Limo driver
Family & Friends
Friends  :
Love Interest
First appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Alan Tudyk

Lonnie is played by Alan Tudyk on Good Vibes.

Official description

Look inside that custom 80's van that's always parked at the beach, and you will find Lonnie. This burned-out beach bum has amazingly seen and done it all. Mondo and Woodie's sage, Lonnie often dispenses wisdom through the haze of his bong-smokey van - or at least it seems like wisdom when you're in there. Bombdiggity!

On the show

Lonnie's companion is his dog, Foghat. Mondo and Woodie often stop by the van for advice and a buzz.

Lonnie claims to have been a soldier in Operation Desert Storm in the "Pilot" who freaked out and spent three years in a mental hospital. As a hint that he may have been a marine, his van has a bumper sticker reading the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fi."

In "Floatopia", Lonnie is shown to have a collection of Lady Diana collector's plates in his van. Lonnie also hosts a wet t-shirt version of Jeopardy with the topics being "Vans", "4:20" and "Sheenisms".

In "Breast Friends", Lonnie receives an urn from his friend Ronnie while waiting for him to arrive. After spending one last day with the remains of his friend, Lonnie smokes the remains. Back at Lonnie's van, Ronnie arrives and reveals that the urn contained his stash and that Lonnie misread the note. However, Ronnie has brought the ashes of Lonnie's dead father.

In "Virgin Hangover", Lonnie is seen working as a busboy at the Tiki Tako. In "Red Tuxedo", he drives the limo for Woodie and Wadska and their dates.

In "Surf Legend", Lonnie told of once driving a Pontiac Fiero and living the straight life but gave it up.

In "Backstage Babs" he claims the only reason he has the oceanside view from his van is to get a free concert from the annual Oceanus Music Festival which he does from the van's roof.