Season One

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code #
Goodvibes1 "Pilot" October 27, 2011 101 1
Jersey boy Mondo moves to a laid-back Southern California beach town. He feels like an outsider until he meets Woodie, a local teen who offers to help him navigate through his new school, the bullies and the girls.
Goodvibes2 "Floatopia" November 3, 2011 102 2
The boys find out about a loophole that lets them drink alcohol on the open seas, so they throw a party off the shore.
GoodVibes4 "Tech Rehab" November 10, 2011 105 3
The kids' parents get frustrated with the younger generation's dependence on technology, so they send the gang on a wilderness trip with a former tech addict, which goes horribly wrong.
GoodVibes4 "Don't Blow Your Wadska" November 17, 2011 103 4
Mondo finds out his crush's parents are out of town, and uses her eccentric brother to get close to her during a sleepover that goes horribly wrong. Babs and Ms. Teets go out.
GoodVibes5 "The D-List" December 1, 2011 104 5
Mondo accidentally drops his pants after swimming in freezing water, exposing himself to the entire school. Then, he's ranked at the bottom of "The D-List."
GoodVibes6 "Breast Friends" December 1, 2011 106 6
Jeena launches a mobile breast-exam initiative, inspiring the boys to cross-dress so they can attend and observe the event.
GoodVibes7 "The Grass is Always Greener" December 8, 2011 107 7
Mondo escorts Milan to her Sweet 16 and gets a little too comfortable in her wealthy world.
GoodVibes8 "Red Tuxedo" December 15, 2011 112 8
After losing out on a chance to take Jeena to the prom, Mondo decides to take a pregnant girl Dee-Dee, but he gets more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Wadska tries to take Mila Kunis to the dance to show up his rival.
GoodVibes9 "Mondo Mia" December 15, 2011 108 9
Mondo, desperate to find his father, hacks his mom's Facebook account with the help of Woodie and Wadska and invites three of his potential dads to Babs' birthday party.
GoodVibes10 "Virgin Hangover" December 22, 2011 111 10
Mondo, Woodie, and Wadska take a road trip to find a wild party, but instead come across a slew of nude senior citizens.
GoodVibes11 "Surf Legend" December 29, 2011 109 11
After wiping out at a surfing competition, Woodie loses his confidence . In order to get his stoke back, he decides to surf the dangerous "Dongabunga," but needs to enlist the help of legendary big-wave surfer Duke Lopez.
GoodVibes12 "Backstage Babs" December 29, 2011 110 12
Babs is reprimanded for not being a responsible parent, so she decides to straighten up, starting with chaperoning Mondo and Woodie to their first concert at the Oceanus Music Festival.