Wadska showing off his house.

Don't Blow Your Wadska
Mondo finds out his crush's parents are out of town, and uses her eccentric brother to get close to her during a sleepover that goes horribly wrong.

Season: 1 Episode: 04
Total Episode Count: 04
Prod. no.: 103
First Aired: November 17th, 2011

Featuring: Mondo, Woodie, Wadska
Also Appearing: Jeena, Turk, Babs, Smilin' Mike, Lonnie, Tang, Ms. Teets, Dee-Dee, Pedobear
Director: Ira Sherak, Brock Gallagher

Writers: Josh Silberman, Jon Silberman
Storyboarders: Miguel Puga, Frank Macchia, Abe Audish


While Mondo tries to wrap his head around the fact that Wadska is Jeena's brother, Jeena happens to mention that she has to watch him since their parents are away. Trying to figure out a way to get invited to the house, Mondo proposes a sleepover with Wadska and Woodie and Wadska invites them over. Woodie is reluctant to get involved but extracts a list of promises from Mondo to participate. As Mondo's mother Babs sees through the plot and wishes him a good night, their landlord Ms. Teets finds out that Babs has nothing to do and gets her to suggest a ladies night out.


Arriving and Wadska and Jeena's house, the boys find that Wadska makes quite and entrance and has prepared a detailed list of activities for the night. Getting started, Wadska dons a power suit and proposes a game of Pandora paintball despite the fact that he has no other guns or suits available and orders his prey to run. Mondo takes cover in what turns out to be Jeena's room while she takes a shower. He makes his presence known when he joins her in a song. Jeena wraps a towel around herself and demands to know why Mondo is in her room and he admits Wadska is hunting them, recommended that she herself take cover, she draws her own paintball gun from her cleavage and notes that Wadska knows better than to attack her. Hearing the doorbell ring, Jeena sends Mondo down to answer it while she gets ready for her date with Turk. Mondo answers the door to find Turk with a rose in his ass. Turk is surprised and angered to find Mondo there but refrains from hitting him when Jeena arrives for their study date. As they go to the next room, Wadska and Woodie both blast Mondo with paint balls after Woodie found another gun.


At the Tiki Tako, Ms. Teets is disappointed at her prospects for sex. As she starts crying Babs tries to comfort her but she admits she is lonely. Babs promises to help her find someone that night but Ms. Teets nearly stabs her hand with a fork when Babs reaches towards her plate. Mondo and Woodie awake to find themselves handcuffed in a kiddie pool while Wadska, disguised as the jigaw killer from Saw, tells them of his torture involving poisonous spiders, snakes and centipedes to the one who doesn't get the key over his head. Needing to get to Jeena, Mondo begs Woodie to allow him to take the key and Woodie agrees along with a list of further demands. When the tub on creatures falls on Woodie, he can only puzzle at the fact that he is wearing a bathing suit.


Mondo spies Turk and Jeena outside but ponders how to compete before falling into a storage trunk with camouflage and night goggles. Back at the Tiki Tako, Teets is not finding any prospects. When two guys try to hit on Babs she proposes one of them for Ms. Teets and they suddenly claim to be gay. Ms. Teets makes them passionately kiss each other to prove it until they fling themselves out the window. Not about to give up, Babs spots another guy striking out at the bar and suggests they go back to the house for a three-way. The guy is reluctant when he spots Ms. Teets but agrees to it. Back at Wadska's house, Mondo spies on Jeena and Turk with the night vision goggles, but when he turns on the sprinkler getting them wet, Jeena recommends she and Turk go back to her room so she can change. Mondo attempts to turn off the light breakers but Jeena just lights romantic candles, and Mondo's further attempt to blow them out with a leaf blower just results in a romantic sprinkling of rose pedals on the bed.


Back at Ms. Teets place, Babs prepare the place for a little romance and them fakes an emergency call from Mondo to leave. Ms. Teets realizes that Babs was faking the plans for a three way but launches herself onto the loser from the bar before he can bolt. As Wadska prepares to have a sword fight with the boys in the bride's yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill, Woodie demands to know why Wadska always acts like a creep Wadska admits that all of his activities were based on the boy's favorite movies and that the tub of insects that was dumped on Woodie were all gummies, Woodie's favorite candy. As they begin to think that Wadska isn't so weird, he breaks into song, spoiling the mood. Wadska and Woodie start swordfighting but Mondo hears the sounds of sex coming from Jeena's room.


Deciding to investigate, Mondo kicks in Jeena's door and sprays the room with paintballs, only to find Jeena alone. When Mondo asks her where Turk is, she tells him that Turk left since he really wasn't interested in studying and only brought a porn video instead of books. Jeena decided to watch it to see what the fuss was about but claims to feel like a pervert watching it alone and invites Mondo to watch it with her. Bummed out by the poor dialog, they improvise their own. as they get close enough to kiss, Wadska interrupts them with a call on a set of walkee-talkees. Jeena is surprised because Wadska had had them for years with a friend to give them to, Jeena tells him that he and Woodie must mean a lot to Wadska and Mondo smiles and heads back to Wadska's room.


As Wadska prepares to close the night's activities before they head to bed, he drops his pants to perform "chipmunking" as the boys scream in shock. The next morning, Mondo and Babs compare their evenings. Babs is well aware of that "chipmunking" involves stuffing balls in the mouth. when Mondo asks about her night, Babs claims it was quiet as Ms. Teets comes in with her limp partner and suggests they burn the mattress.

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