Age 15-16
Hometown Playa Del Toro, California
Job Student, Del Toro High School
Family & Friends
Friends  :
Enemies  :
Love Interest  :
Milan (ex-girlfriend)
First appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Jake Busey

Dirk Kirk "Turk" Turkpatrick is played by Jake Busey on Good Vibes.

Official description

Turk is pure badass. A tatted surf champ adrenaline-junkie who rules the beach, Turk has a wicked sense of humor and his own style of in-your-face charm. Just don't cross him or his henchman, the steroidal Casa or stoned-out Chester - or you'll suffer his wrath - just ask Mondo.

On the show

In the Pilot, Turk bans Mondo from the surf at Playa Del Toro until he surfs Baby Beach. Mondo tries to talk his way out but hits the beach in one last attempt to impress Jeena. As he paddles out, a rogue wave hits and Mondo makes an impressive showing of riding the pipeline, but still wipes out on the rocks. Turk admits he was still impressed with the ride and unbans him from the beach at the insistence of Jeena.

When trapped on a remote island in "Tech Rehab", Mondo is stuck with Turk but gets tired of his insults and starts to leave. Turk admits he is afraid and convinces Mondo to stay with him.

In "Red Tuxedo", when Jeena gets annoyed with Turk splitting their hotel room with Casa so they are unable to have a romantic night during the school junior prom, she breaks up with him. Turk's old girlfriend Milan decides to use Turk and Jeena's break-up to move back into his life. At the dance, Milan takes the opportunity to publicly dump him. Jeena feels bad about his embarrassment and gives him a pity dance.


  • Mondo and Woodie give an army recruiter the name "Dirk Kirk Turkpatrick" in "Virgin Hangover" but insists that they are known by their nickname "Turk" which results in Turk's arrest. Chester would later confirm this is Turk's full name in "Surf Legend".