Dee-Dee Spears is a soon-to-be-mother originally in her ninth month of pregnancy. She appears in cameos beginning with "Don't Blow Your Wadska".

In "The Grass is Always Greener" an already pregnant Dee-Dee and Casa, the class' large African-American body-builder are seen making out at Milan's Sweet 16 party at the "Make your own pre-sex tape" booth.

Desperate for a date for the school prom in "Red Tuxedo", Mondo asks her out only to find that Jeena has dumped Turk and is now stuck with Dee-Dee. During the prom, Dee-Dee goes into labor and with Mondo and Woodie's help, delivers a healthy baby boy she names Casa Malibu Spears after his father.

Due to the episodes airing out of production order, Dee-Dee would still be seen pregnant in "Mondo Mia" and in "Backstage Babs".