Cachondo Island

Cachondo Island is an isolated bit of wilderness where Claw Jones uses to teach kids how to become less dependent on technology

In "Tech Rehab", after leading the kids deep into the woods of isolated Cachondo Island, Claw tells of how to survive in the wilderness and his backstory. While walking after more marshmallows for smores, Claw slips on one and hits his head on a rock. After Wadska declares him dead and Turk confirms this, Mondo and Jeena are all for a proper burial but Milan kicks him into a nearby stream. As Claw's body floats away, they hear the sound of a ringing cell phone coming from Claw's pocket and realize they just lost their only means of communication. as they watch, claws body is swept over a waterfall and gone. Mondo advocates staying together by the campfire but a sudden storm extinguishes the fire and causes a mudslide, breaking up the group into pairs.

After the group is broken up, Wadska spears a tarantula behind Woodie and hints that Woodie might be the main course. Milan and Jeena continue their fight over Turk until they are interrupted by a boar. Mondo is stuck with Turk but gets tire of his insults and starts to leave. Turk admits he is afraid and convinces Mondo to stay with him. Wadska offer Woodie a bite of the tarantula for sustenance, but when a snake bits him on the though has to have Woodie suck out the poison. as the boar corners Jeena, Milan shows a technique for subduing the boar learned from when she had a pet pot-bellied pig. Unable to start a fire, Turk convinces Mondo they should sleep together to keep warm and the other pairs also likewise team up to keep warm, including Jeena and Milan with their now subdued boar. After surviving the night in the wilderness, Mondo manages to build a fire to attract the boat sent to retrieve them.