Jeena begins her exam initiative.

Breast Friends
Jeena launches a mobile breast-exam initiative, inspiring the boys to cross-dress so they can attend and observe the event.

Season: 1 Episode: 06
Total Episode Count: 06
Prod. no.: 104
First Aired: December 1st, 2011

Guest Starring: Lainie Kazan, David Koechner
Featuring: Jeena, Mondo, Woodie
Also Appearing: Turk, Babs, Lonnie, Ronnie, Foghat, Casa, Chester, Ms. Teets, Wadska, Milan, Nurse Fingerman, Juggaloa, God, Adam & Eve, Zach & Cody, Cinnamon & Destiny, Chewbacca, Snooki, Cuervo & Batrol, Tang
Director: Tyree Dillihay

Writers: Dana Min Goodman, Julia Wolov
Storyboarders: Tyree Dillihay, Stuart Livingston, Dan O'Connor, Aaron Paetz


After Ms. Teets presents the breast in her sex education class, Jeena begins a mobile initiative to fight breast cancer. Determined to get in, Mondo and Woodie cross-dress in hopes of getting feels themselves. However, the girls that arrive are not exactly what the guys expected as Nurse Fingerman first has them assist with a large woman with two children and then Tang with her aging breasts.


Taking a break, the guys miss a bus load of bathing beauties that stop at the clinc. Getting some lunch, they take a shape on a taco as Juggaloa, the breast goddess and believe it's a sign of good luck. This seems to bear out when Mondo gets some quality time with Jeena and Milan and Babs stop by although the boys spend time fighting each other from seeing the other's relations and miss everything. When Turk stops by the mobile breast exam clinic and takes it for a taco truck. Mondo gives him Woodie's taco slathered in breast milk. It turns out he gave away the lucky taco and they quickly find their luck turned sour when Ms. Teets arrives for her exam.


Meanwhile, Lonnie waits in anticipation of the arrival of his friend Ronnie. When a delivery man brings an urn containing his bud, Lonnie believes his friend has died. After spending one last day with the remains of his friend, Lonnie smokes the remains.


After bailing out, Mondo notes he has a lump on his breast and believes he has cancer. Stopping by Lonnie's van he gives some sage advice about living life to the fullest and Mondo completes a bucket list of things to do before he dies. One of the things he does is record a video telling Jeena exactly how he feels. When she sees it she is touched, but quickly becomes angry when it is revealed that Mondo and Woodie had tricked them into gaining access to the mobile clinic. Babs discovers that Mondo's breast lump is really an ingrown chest hair.


Back at Lonnie's van, Ronnie arrives and reveals that the urn contained his stash and that Lonnie misread the note. However, Ronnie has brought the ashes of Lonnie's dead father. As a way to make up for sneaking into the mobile clinic, Jeena has Mondo appear in a video of cancer survivors.