Baby Beach

Baby Beach is an area of rocks and rogue waves near Playa Del Toro. Woodie points out that the area used to be known as "Jagged Death Rocks" until the Chamber of Commerce changed it as bad for tourism.

When Mondo is banned from the beach at Del Toro by Turk, he gives him a chance to redeem himself by surfing Baby Beach. To top if off, Turk breaks Mondo's surf board. Wadska tries to help them plot a course though the rocks by tossing dead seal into the water but it only smashed to pieces on the rocks and is eaten by very hungry sharks. About to hit the surf, Mondo starts to have second thoughts and tries to leave only to find his way blocked by the town's teens. Mondo tries to talk his way out because of Turk breaking his board but Woodie arrives with the hot dog board that Mondo wanted and offers it as a gift of their friendship. Touched by the gift but still annoyed with the timing, Mondo hits the beach in one last attempt to impress Jeena. As he paddles out, a rogue wave hits and Mondo makes an impressive showing of riding the pipeline, but still wipes out on the rocks at Miley's Hole, so named because it had never been penetrated. Coming to after Lonnie gives him mouth-to-mouth and an extended fantasy of Jeena, Turk admits he was still impressed with the ride and unbans him from the beach at the insistence of Jeena.